The Ultimate Guide to Ascertain the Logo Design Cost

Logo Design Cost

The logo is one of the most important components of your brand as it depicts the identity and personality of your brand. Logo is typically the first thing which is seen by the customers and having a logo which stands out among all competitors is a big challenge. You must be looking for the accurate cost which you will need to pay for getting your logo designed. You need to consider the logo design cost in terms of the value, personality, identity and quality that you are going to gain in future through the logo of your brand. 

You can hire logo design firms or individual professional logo designers but finding out the true cost of your designed logo is significant. While having your logo designed, you must also consider that the final logo design reflects the message of your brand along with being distinctive. There are many packages and price points associated with the logo design, therefore, it is necessary for you to determine what you are getting and what should be your expectations against the money you are giving to your logo designer. 

What is the Logo Design Cost?

The logo design cost ranges from $0 to thousands of dollars, however, you should opt for the logo design cost according to the size of your business. For instance, if you are a small startup and you are looking for a high quality logo design to attract more customers and to better communicate your message through your logo design, then the logo design must cost between $35 and $245. In actuality, the cost of a logo design depends on the type of designer and the quality of design you have chosen. This article will guide you in deciding which logo designer you should opt for according to your expectations and available resources. 

Making Logo Yourself

If you want the logo to be designed free of cost, then you can make it by yourself. However, this is only possible if you have the experience of logo designing and you are a good illustrator, then you should make it yourself. But, if you do not have any experience of illustration and logo designing, then you can use different websites and applications which give you the platform where you can create your own logo automatically by just writing the name of your brand and defining the industry in which it will operate such as food, fashion, FMCG etc.

Hire a Freelancer 

There are many freelancers who are offering you the perfect logo design for not more than $500. But, you should know that when you hire a freelancer for designing your logo, it should be unique enough and should be of high quality that you could not create it on your own. You should ensure that the final design of the logo is not copied from anywhere and it is not created on available online platforms where you can also create it by yourself. 

Go for either Logo Design Contest or work with Freelancer

If you have a separate budget for your logo design, then you can opt for a logo design contest or working with a freelancer. If you hire a freelance designer, you can get a customized logo according to your requirements and personality of your brand. There is a wide range of freelance designers available online, therefore, it is significant to scrutinize the freelance designer you have chosen. You can scrutinize through looking at the endorsements and portfolios of the freelance designer you are choosing. You can prefer obtaining a referral from the person you rely to make the best possible choice amongst available freelance designers.  

You may start working with the freelance designer through getting the quote and the anticipated time in which he/she is going to complete the project. You will get the high quality logo design created by the professional freelance designer. Whereas, you can also get your log created from us that cost you $150 to $499. 

On the other hand, you can opt for a logo design contest in which you will get a couple of design ideas and you can choose any one of the multiple designed logos for your company according to your choice and specifications. Through intermittent feedback, you can get the logo designs customized according to your choice in the logo design contest. The logo design cost contests vary and through this you can get the professionally designed logo for your brand at a reasonable cost.

Get your Logo Designed by Logo House 

Another way you can choose to get the logo of your brand designed is opting for the professional branding and designing agency. Branding and designing agencies carry out competitor analysis and market research for identifying how a brand can stand out in the market. Our professional and highly skilled team evaluates the brand from all angles of the market. Now, whatever direction you choose for getting your brand’s logo designed, you should know what you are getting against spending your money for logo designing!